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August 2020

Top 4 evolving risks and what you can do about it

The coronavirus pandemic (“COVID”) has made the day hard for businesses and disrupted the global economy, which is projected to shrink by 3% in 2020 based on the world economic outlook of the International Monetary Fund. With this trajectory of the global economy and coupled with the second COVID wave currently sweeping across several countries, we can expect tomorrow to get worse. But all is not lost. Whenever there is a crisis, there will always be an opportunity. Let us consider the top 4 evolving risks and think about what we can do to take advantage of the uncertainties. 

UK Growth Capital Update Q2 2020

UK Growth Capital Update – a review of Q2 2020According to our research into UK private companies raising between £1 million and £20 million of growth equity capital each, 161 British businesses raised £779 million of growth capital in the second quarter of 2020: an average deal size of £4.84 million.

European Transfer Pricing Brief - July 2020

It seems today as if the whole world is dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic. In their battle against the virus, governments are spending huge amounts of money on health care, in supporting their people and trying to relaunch the local economy. We can expect that in the near future, the same authorities will look for new revenues to offset these expenditures: more than ever, they will compete for a fair share of national income tax on the worldwide profits of multinational enterprises (MNEs).