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Newsletter - October 2021

Moore EMR Transitions

Welcome to the latest edition of Moore EMR Transitions. Developed by member firms of the Moore Global EMR Group that have well-established and recognised expertise in the Energy, Mining and Renewable sectors.

Global Business

What should the West do now in Afghanistan?

Anton Colella, CEO of Moore Global, believes pragmatism on both sides could deliver a post-war boom.

Real Estate

Democratising Property Investment

Tokenisation will make real estate investment easier, cheaper and more efficient


Stick or Twist

Electric vehicles are disrupting the delicate ecosystem of automotive component manufacturers, they must think carefully about their next move

Energy, Mining and Renewables

The Inconvenient Truth About Sustainability

There are crucial gaps in the technology we need to combat global warming: practical alternatives are vital


Introducing Our Five New Global Leaders

We’re delighted to announce five of our sector leaders have been appointed Global Leaders for the network.

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