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Manufacturing & Distribution

3 point to-do list every manufacturing leader must tackle quickly in 2022

Retaining the best people, rebuilding broken supply chains and implementing smart technology are the key challenges facing CEOs


$340bn worth of technology adds a scientific edge to the art of marketing

AI and data analysis are as important to success of a big brand’s awareness raising as a smart slogan


Business is running faster than politicians to find solutions to carbon emissions

Moore’s Kris Russell considers the lessons learned from aviation that apply across the board?

Energy, Mining & Renewables

It is not easy going green, so let’s focus on practical steps rather than arbitrary targets

David Tomasi says practical steps we can take to reduce carbon emissions are too easily dismissed


Shipping industry called to account on green credentials

Costas Constantinou says viability of the global supply chain rests on maritime sector’s ability to meet new sustainability challenges

Newsletter - October 2021

Moore EMR Transitions

Welcome to the latest edition of Moore EMR Transitions. Developed by member firms of the Moore Global EMR Group that have well-established and recognised expertise in the Energy, Mining and Renewable sectors.

Global Business

What should the West do now in Afghanistan?

Anton Colella, CEO of Moore Global, believes pragmatism on both sides could deliver a post-war boom.

Real Estate

Democratising Property Investment

Tokenisation will make real estate investment easier, cheaper and more efficient


Stick or Twist

Electric vehicles are disrupting the delicate ecosystem of automotive component manufacturers, they must think carefully about their next move

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