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Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are some of the most important facing our world today.

 Moore Global can help your business meet its ESG goals through our unique ESG Framework. Our framework is not only easy to implement and understand but can help you create fundamental change within your business.

With a wealth of international knowledge and experience, Moore Global ESG has the expertise to make sure your company can be transparent about social responsibility requirements and become the business you aspire it to be.

At Moore Global, we are here to help you thrive in a changing world.


Environmental, Social, and Governance


Our unique ESG framework can help you transform your company’s environmental and sustainability objectives. Full transparency around your environmental credentials, frameworks and policies is essential to build relationships with stakeholders and manage your external reputation. Read more on how to implement an ESG reporting framework and take the first steps to be sustainably responsible.


Employment equality, diversity, good working conditions, supply chain management and understanding the impacts on neighboring communities are just some of the areas of focus for a socially responsible firm. Read more to see how our framework can support your social objectives.


Strong Governance is key to any ESG strategy. Our framework can support your business, ensuring correct policies are in place, and that your ethics and values are upheld. The three pillars of ESG reporting are interchangeable. Our experts can advise on what policies are required to create real change within your business.

ESG – Why Investors should care?

Armanino is uniquely qualified to guide organizations through the process of meeting ESG standards and reporting activities to stakeholders & regulatory agencies. Through its ESG Advisory Services practice, Armanino helps clients develop sustainability programs & creating positive impacts across their value chain.

Thought leadership

The Heart of ESG

Real change must be championed from the top, but it’s critical to bring future leaders along the journey to ensure longevity & success. Whatever approach you take, it’s important to make sure that you are transparent with your stakeholders about where you are, as well as where you aim to be. Formulating an ESG strategy should be more than just a visionary exercise; it must be realistic and tailored towards your organisation’s values and purpose.


ESG – Do you care?

Alexa-Rae Sebba (LLM) Advisory at Moore Johannesburg confirms that ESG has become a hot topic of conversation. Frameworks and legislations to ensure compliance in the Environmental and Mining sector are available in South Africa and worldwide.


Business is running faster than politicians to find solutions to carbon emissions

Moore’s Kris Russell considers the lessons learned from aviation that apply across the board?

Newsletter - October 2021

Moore EMR Transitions

Welcome to the latest edition of Moore EMR Transitions. Developed by the member firms of the Moore EMR Group of the Moore Global network that have well-established and recognised expertise in the Energy, Mining and Renewable sectors. We hope to continue to evolve the format to provide you with an even more interactive experience.

ESG Insights

Greenwashing, what does it mean?

“Greenwashing is the process of conveying a false impression or providing misleading information about how a company's products are more environmentally sound. Greenwashing is considered an unsubstantiated claim to deceive consumers into believing that a company's products are environmentally friendly.” Investopedia

The ESG Chameleons

A chameleon is defined as “a person who often changes his or her beliefs or behavior in order to please others or to succeed.” (Mirriam Webster) Just like Greenwashing, companies indicate that they have ESG and/or CSR policies in place – but when push comes to shove, they cry over spilt oil.

The History of Sustainable Reporting

Where did the idea of sustainable reporting come from and what exactly is sustainable development? “the capacity of natural resources to support life is limited, and therefore the needs of future generations should always be taken into consideration. Thus, within the framework of the relationship between the economy and the environment, economic development should be sustained by supporting all life on Earth and preserving natural resources.”

What we can do for your ESG business

We can help you move forward to meet your ESG goals.
Providing the range of services you need across environmental consulting, branding and accounting, we can help you maximize the value of your ESG programs and the effectiveness of your reports. Our service includes:
  • ESG Readiness Assessments: Evaluating against relevant ESG frameworks, benchmarking and communicating results to your organization
  • Business Structure Evaluation: Assessing tax credit strategies that are available for select ESG initiatives
  • ESG Program Development: Identifying goals with business leaders and developing a strategic roadmap aligned to your strategic plan and your industry
  • ESG Program Implementation: Establishing programs and technology to track progress against your ESG goals, including outsourced project management or functional support
  • Compliance and Reporting: Verifying that your company is meeting industry and regulatory requirements and standards through outsourced internal audit
  • Internal Communications and Branding: Developing messaging to communicate ESG initiatives inside your organization and in the marketplace
  • Continuous Improvement: Ensuring continued success of ESG efforts and identifying opportunities for success and growth​

Key Contacts

Mary Tressel

Executive Director
Armanino LLP

Mark Salway

Managing Director
Moore Kingston Smith

Kylie Maher

Moore Melbourne

Dennis Chong

Executive Director
Moore Malaysia

Dr. Christine Eder

Moore Interaudit

Alexa-Rae Sebba

Moore Johannesburg

Giancarlo Attolini

Vice Chairman
Moore ASZ

Pinelopi Kassani

Moore Greece

Samantha Bou Tayeh

Global Head of Social Ambition
Moore Global

Kris Russell

Senior Manager
Armanino LLP

Jeff Blackbeard

Global Director
Moore Global Network Limited

Gaurav Kakkar

Moore Qatar

Energy Mining & Renewables Summit Series

ESG - Delivering the Caring Dividend