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How is the financial performance of marketing services companies faring? (View Video)

Francesca Robe, Media Director at Moore Kingston Smith discusses the trends we are likely to see in the 2022 annual survey on the financial performance of marketing services companies, ahead of its launch later this year. By analysing key performance indicators, here Francesca looks at how the marketing services companies have fared in the face of the pandemic, what growth opportunities have since opened and what challenges persist in the sector. 


Just how significant is ESG within the advertising sector? Here, we look at examples of how a company’s position on ESG can either erode value or provide opportunity to create value. With clear long term implications, a robust and agile ESG strategy is becoming increasingly essential. 

Celebrating the production sector in Latin America (View Video)

Gary De Souza, Media Director at Moore Kingston Smith has recently returned from his visit to São Paulo and Buenos Aires. Here, Gary gives us insight into some of the highlights of his trip, including getting together with colleagues from the Moore Global network, meeting clients and celebrating the thriving production sector at the CICLOPE LATINO festival.

Inclusion and community care through education (View Video)

Matias Tejero, Partner at Moore Tejero, gives an overview of the program set up by the Ministry of Education of Buenos Aires City to help improve job opportunities for students in the marketing services sector. Here, he also gives details of how Moore Tejero have developed an additional special training program to enhance the Ministry’s offering.

Tax Planning for the Inbound Entertainer

The US is a key destination for many entertainers as it comprises a large, global market for musicians, actors, DJs, athletes, and other artists. Here, Leon Dutkiewicz, Partner at Citrin Cooperman, provides an overview of the most pertinent issues that should be considered by foreign artists and entertainers coming to the US either for limited engagements or permanent relocation. 

Cross-Border Film Financing

Non-US investors have increasingly provided financing to US film productions in various forms. Here, Doris Yau, Partner at HCVT, discusses equity financing by non-US investors in US film production and how the arrangement can be structured for US income tax purposes.

Key trends in media and entertainment sector 2022-23

In order to remain at the forefront of the media sector, we regularly undertake research to identify what is currently driving the market and changing the media landscape as we know it. Here, we highlight the top three global trends currently at play in the media and entertainment sector.

Media Sector in Lebanon (View Video)

Lebanon’s media sector is thriving, with great media outlets, impactful advertising and outstanding screen talent. Moore Beirut are on hand to help clients in the sector. Here Samantha Boutayeh provides an overview of how they can help. 

The Evolution of Technology and Media in Nigeria

The rise of media and technology in Nigeria since the pandemic is creating huge opportunities, both from an economic point of view and from a talent perspective. Here, Shalom Ndulaka from Moore Bishop & Rooks looks at how media tech and film are taking off, and how, with recent acknowledgement of the media industry’s contribution to the GDP, the country’s shift in focus will boost these burgeoning sectors.