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Why become a Moore Firm?

It’s one of the questions every organisation asks itself: what makes us different? When I think about the Moore Global Network, I believe there are many factors that help us to stand out from other professional services networks and associations.

The first is local independence and autonomy for our member and associate firms. Moore Global recognises you are a great business, otherwise we wouldn’t want you to be part of our professional community. So why would we tell you how to run your firm? You access support, expertise and a respected brand, without interference in how you choose to grow.

Second, we actively collaborate – across firms, across regions and across sectors. At Moore, we develop through listening to and sharing within our own network. This helps us to identify opportunities for growth, potentially access new clients and create the chance for our people to gain different experiences through our global talent initiatives.

Finally, if professional services organisations are about one thing, it is about serving people: with advice, with our professional judgement and with our care. Personal contact with partners and senior teams at a client and network referral level is a key aspect of what makes us successful and the 30,000 professionals working for us today have a deep understanding of local issues, and the entrepreneurial mindset that enables us to truly understand those we advise.

I have no doubt that you will enjoy becoming part of the Moore community.
Anton.jpg Anton Colella
Global Chief Executive
Moore Global