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Key trends in media and entertainment sector 2022-23

Key trends in media and entertainment sector 2022-23

Key trends in media and entertainment sector 2022-23

  1. NFT innovation

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are emerging as the vehicle for media companies to expand engagement with their content and IP. They might provide a future monetisation model as the market matures.
Media companies are forming relationships with NFT technical specialists and marketplaces to develop offerings that enable consumers to participate in an entirely new way with their favourite characters, movie and TV show scenes and other content.
2. Leveraging the metaverse to create immersive user experiences
Media and entertainment companies are adopting emerging technologies to make the metaverse mainstream and capture new audiences through meaningful experiences. For example:

  • Game-tainment: Acquisitions and partnerships between market-leading entertainment providers and gaming companies allow entertainment providers to add gaming to their offering. The integration of new immersive game play technologies within the digital sphere provides new opportunities for entertainment companies to incentivise audiences with new ways to interact and participate, increasing engagement time with the brand. Tech-forward consumers who respond to authentic marketing are captured in this way.

  • AI and VR: Entertainment companies are increasingly using AI and VR to deliver digital-first, immersive experiences as part of the metaverse evolution. In particular, players within the film and live entertainment sectors are experimenting with omni-channel entertainment options via AI and VR, allowing audiences to consume entertainment in virtual worlds and across multiple digital platforms but as a unified experience.

3. M&A remains popular
In response to technological developments and emerging sub-sectors, M&A volumes in the sector are expected to continue to increase, allowing companies to diversify their offerings and enter new sectors and international markets.
The US market currently sees the largest value of M&A deals in the sector. High acquisition activity is occurring internally by major players acquiring gaming companies to expand their offerings to include AI and VR.
Meanwhile, companies in the Asia-Pacific region are expanding further through cross-sector transactions, particularly with commerce companies, to bring users unified digital experiences on singular platforms.
In the UK market, M&A includes increased deals for outdoor media assets and a rise in the convergence between the sports and media industries.

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