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ESG - Da Hua

ESG - Da Hua

Platform Symbiosis and Competition

Since 2021, China's major media platforms have continuously expanded their ecological boundaries and made great efforts to move forward in the fields of user ecology, content and industrial integration with an unexpected speed and innovation ability. The construction of content ecology is undoubtedly related to the future of the platform. The report found that:

  • At present, the overall creation volume of all short video platforms (including Xiaohongshu) has maintained a good growth momentum, and WeChat public official account is full of creativity.
  • lWith the long-term ecological integration, the creators of various platforms have also developed a representative content style;
  • In terms of popular content, the content orientation of each platform is basically consistent with its inherent label;
  • At the same time, the "long tail effect" reflected by the corresponding account expressiveness of creators at different levels will soon be "finally solved" with the counter attack of the tail account;
  • It is worth mentioning that the central account of Xiaohongshu is released more actively, and the interactive quality of its works is also better. It can be seen that the "flattening" of Xiaohongshu's content power is also unique in the whole new media ecosystem.

Creative Ecology and Trend

In the past year, with the precipitation of user content consumption scenes, the development trend of "keeping the foundation and seeking innovation" in the content industry has been consolidated, mainly in three aspects:

  • First, "content-based". At any time, users prefer high-quality works that shine in front of them. Homogeneous non original content will gradually move into the trap of "aesthetic fatigue", and the rise of "Pan-knowledge" works also explains this phenomenon. "De entertainment" is already the potential demand of users. Therefore, the speed of high-quality works becoming popular is also increasing;
  • Second, the "return of form", the entertainment carrier has developed from the previous graphic image to the current video, and the trend of symbiotic development has sprung up again recently; Video works have developed from the previous long video to the current short video, and now the short video also shows the trend of "becoming longer";
  • Third, the "leap to the new", the boundary of new media has begun to melt, and both personal authentication and enterprise authentication accounts are developing in the direction of the layout of the whole platform; The account operation is more professional, and the head account also complies with the industry trend to reach more cooperation with MCN institutions; Finally, content creators are more keen to hear the "new" dance, pay close attention to the hot spots, and the virtual human IP extended from the concept of "meta universe" may become the next tuyere.