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Media 360

Second Edition - April 2022

Welcome to the latest edition of Moore Media 360

Welcome to the latest edition of Moore Media 360, which is our collection of topical content from our member firms and clients from around the world.
Whilst this edition focuses on a number of topics, its spotlight is on ESG. Here, we look at the different elements of ESG and question what part they play across the media and creativity sectors. How far has the ESG agenda woven itself into the fabric of the creative process and what can the industry do to ensure it is fully absorbed? Alongside the environmental, social and moral importance of getting ESG right, we also explore whether ESG is set to become an indicator of value when it comes to M&A.
The last couple of years have centred around Coronavirus. While the virus is still present, the war in Ukraine has dominated the headlines and everyday life. I would like to take this opportunity to send our best wishes to everyone affected by this situation.
As always, we hope you find Moore Media 360 insightful.

Graham Tyler
Media Sector Leader 
Moore Kingston Smith

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Media 360 Second Edition

Diversity and inclusion opportunities for the advertising sector (View Video)

Chloe Davies (Head of Social Impact, Lucky Generals) shares her invaluable insights on the topics of diversity and inclusion in the advertising industry. Here, she outlines her views and challenges us all to proactively address the inequalities that persist across our business and social settings. 

Demonstrating the power of the Moore Global Media Group collaboration capabilities! (View Video)

Matias Tejero, CEO of Moore Tejero Argentina, shares his experience in the preparation of a global proposal for a leading media house. This proposal had a very short deadline of 10 days with 14 countries from the Moore LATAM, Asia Pacific, Africa and Middle East regions sharing their credentials. This collaboration was also additionally complicated as it occurred at the start of the 2022 Chinese New Year holiday. The quick response and the availability of Moore partners over this time demonstrated the power of the network to support clients’ needs. In this video, Matias takes you through this very positive experience. 

Lessons from the oldest intern in town! (View Video)

Mark Denton (Coy! Communications) takes us back in time to the early 1970s when he started out as a young intern in an advertising agency. Fast forward to 2022 and with over 40 years in the industry under his belt, Mark returns to the world of internship in advertising. In this fascinating and humorous interview, Mark explores the differences in experience, the impact of collaboration on creativity output and pushing boundaries, and why viewing advertising as a ‘young person’s business’ is a limiting perspective.    

It’s Never Too Early to Organize Your Music Business (Canada)

Many musicians put off organizing the business side of their career until they have to, only to realize how many opportunities they missed to save money along the way. So, no matter how overwhelmed you may feel about tax planning or the grant application process, meeting with a lawyer from our entertainment group as early as possible is a good idea for understanding the big picture and keeping more money in your bank account.

ESG elevating the world of film, tv and advertising! (View Video)

Jenn McCabe and Tamika Mitchell share passionate views on the way movies and advertising are taking the topics of diversity and placing it in the mainstream of engagement through these creative channels. So many clients are embracing ESG as an opportunity to revitalize their boardrooms, create new product revenue streams, open up new opportunities for young people and at the same time do good for the planet. The creatives will lead the way and bring ESG into the mainstream of our commercial and social world.    

Future of Theatre in the West End (View Video)

As theatre continues to emerge from the challenge of Covid, Mark Twum-Ampofo, Head of Theatre at Moore Kingston Smith, looks at some of the enduring changes for the industry which have come out of the last two years and the trends we expect to see going forwards. With an emphasis on Theatre’s strengthened resilience, how will the sector be impacted by the challenges ahead as the government pulls back some of its support to focus on rebuilding the economy?

ESG - Da Hua

Since 2021, China's major media platforms have continuously expanded their ecological boundaries and made great efforts to move forward in the fields of user ecology, content and industrial integration with an unexpected speed and innovation ability. View more to see the report.

The growing importance of ESG in M&A

ESG is playing an increasingly significant role in influencing consumers but how does it impact investment in the media sector? Paul Winterflood, Corporate Finance partner at Moore Kingston Smith, looks ahead at why businesses need to get their ESG position right if they’re to prove an attractive proposition to investors.

French Advertising market recovers in 2022 with increased focus on ESG

The French advertising market shall exceed its pre-Covid-19-level in 2022. The market share for ESG-focused advertising campaigns is booming and already represents 11% of total advertising. This trend is fuelled by new laws that have further tightened the requirements for advertisers.

British Arrows Awards

We Catch up with Graham Tyler, Chairman and Partner of leading accountancy firm Moore Kingston Smith, to talk about why it’s more important than ever that we celebrate work and talent following the pandemic.


An unprecedented burst of private equity investment into the media sector heralds a new golden age of storytelling and online commerce, the likes of which we’ve never seen before. So, what’s changed?

Media and Creativity Summit Series (View Video)

Watch the recording of our latest summit, where a panel of industry experts discuss how media and creative businesses have adapted in the face of unprecedented levels of change and disruption, and what this means for the future.