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Thomas Ziegler WP/StB

Thomas Ziegler WP/StB


Thomas Ziegler is Partner at Moore INTARIA in Munich and Chair of the board of finance of Moore Deutschland AG, Germany.
In 2000 Thomas Ziegler graduated in Business Management at the University of Regensburg, in 2003 he appointed as tax consultant and in 2007 he appointed as auditor. Thomas joined INTARIA AG in 2007 and became managing partner in 2011. He has over 19 years of professional experiences. In 2014 Thomas became Chair of the board of Moore Deutschland AG.
Thomas is primarily concerned with owner-managed businesses and groups (OMB) that operate internationally and mainly come from the automotive sector. Due to his long-standing membership in the Moore Global network, Thomas is very well connected and has very good international contacts. Therefore he is able to help his clients quickly and comprehensively in international and national matters. As Managing Partner, Thomas is committed to the sustainable and steady growth of his organization. This includes also the implementation of new services for the benefit of the clients and taking care of the development and expansion of the firm. Important for him is the permanent exchange of knowledge with members of MOORE all over the world.