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Moore Polska

Gdansk Oliwa, Poland

Moore Polska has over 30 years of experience of two renowned audit companies on the Polish market: Moore Rewit and Morison Finansista, who in 2021 joined their forces under one name: Moore Polska. The founders of both companies wanted to create organizations that help owners and management of companies learn and understand finances and determine taxes in the right, but most cost-effective way. At the same time: they built their success on the pillars of family character, dialogue and professionalism.

The mission of Moore Polska, a company belonging to one of the largest global network of accountants and auditors, is to be an advisor and business partner in a changing world and environment. Modern, safe accounting, optimal taxes and costs, an increase in business culture and the level of business knowledge. These are the priorities that we have set for ourselves, believing that their implementation will contribute to the development not only of us and our clients, but also of the entire community. Because together we can do MORE. 

We currently operate in nine offices in eight Polish cities (Bielsko-Biała, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Katowice, Łódź, Poznań, Warsaw, Żywiec), employing almost 250 exceptional people and experts in their fields. We are in the process of evolving from a family business to a medium-sized, process-managed business, based on developed and created from scratch standards. Moving with the times and the digital transformation, we are not afraid to use new tools and systems in our work that facilitate our daily duties. We focus on the professionalization of positions, which is why continuous development is one of our key values and goals.

In the 2022 ranking of the Rzeczpospolita daily, Moore Polska was ranked among the top audit firms and tax advisors, taking a high, 9th place, as the best auditor. We are one of the largest audit firms in the country with 100% Polish capital.