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Moore Da Hua

Beijing, China

Li Gaolei is the China Desk Liaison for all enquiries into China

Moore Stephens Da Hua Certified Public Accountants is one of China’s top ten largest accounting firms and was one of China’s first batch of firms approved to be engaged in the audit of the H-share listing and the pilot firm of the Ministry of Finance for the development of large-scale Chinese accounting firms. In 2012, its annual business income exceeded RMB 1,000 million and it ranked tenth in the Chinese certified public accountancy industry.

The Headquarters of Moore Stephens Da Hua are located in Beijing. It has established branches in the major cities of China’s top eight economic circles - see the list below

Moore Stephens Da Hua has 3,500 partners and staff of which more than 960 have the Chinese certified public accountant qualification, 100 professionals have foreign certified public accountant qualifications of such developed countries as the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia and have the capability to provide international business services. More than 100 professionals are experts in financial accounting, auditing, taxation, corporate governance and strategic management consulting, internal control, risk management, comprehensive budget management, corporate acquisition, merger and restructuring, IT auditing and international business.