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Moore Business Solutions Trinidad & Tobago Limited

San Juan, Trinidad and Tobago

MOORE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS TRINIDAD & TOBAGO LTD. (the Company) is the successor to Anthony P Pierre & Co., Chartered Accountants (the Legacy Firm). On October 22, 2018 the Legacy Firm signed a membership agreement with Moore Stephens International Limited (MSIL) granting it membership privileges to use the Moore Stephens Brand and to conduct itself and its professional work in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated in the membership agreement and professional standards of MSIL.

On september 9, 2019, the MSIL Network rebranded becoming Moore Global Network Limited (MGNL). The Company receives on-going technical, marketing and administrative support from MGNL, headquartered in London, UK.

The Company's local managing director is Anthony Pierre, who in addition to providing leadership to the Company's operations, functions as the senior director in the Company's Assurance & Advisory Services Practice. The other senior directors are Nigel Romano, who functions as senior director in the Company's Business Consultancy Services Practice and Atiba Caddle, who functions as senior director in the Company's Accounting & Corporate Services Practice. The other directors are Kisha Caddle-Lutchman who functions in the Accounting & Corporate Services Practice, and Ruthven Thompson and Kerrylee Chee Chow who function in the Assurance & Advisory Services Practice.

The Company's technical team, consisting of managers, senior associates and associates are highly qualified professional specialists in their respective fields and sectors, including financial services, government, public sector and state enterprises, manufacturing, hospitality, the gaming industry, professional services, non-governmental organizations (ngo's), distribution and retail trade.

The Company is fully equipped with network and communication facilities, complete e-library of professional standards including full IFRS, IFRS for SME's, ISA's and US GAAP Codification Standards and access to MGNL's robust intranet. The Company's structure enables its technical team members to provide flexibility, knowledge, expertise and innovation to its clients. The Company's policy is to be regarded by clients as the first port of call for all their business and professional services needs.