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Japan desk

Doing business internationally is easier with an expert guide. That’s why Moore uses its global reach and capability to provide Country Desks to support multinational clients and investors to navigate effectively the opportunities and challenges posed by different jurisdictions.

Our Japan desk provides the key contacts globally to coordinate the resources and advice you require to do business effectively in Japan, or to support Japanese businesses doing business overseas.

About the Japan desk

Our Japan desk provides the full range of advice required to not only comply with Japanese regulations, but to make the most of the opportunities this significant global economy offers, and advise clients on important elements of business culture and relationships.

For Japanese clients looking to expand globally, we offer a worldwide network of expert business advisers who are native Japanese speakers and fluent Japanese foreign nationals who are experienced in working with Japanese businesses.

Key contacts


Mika Yamada

International liaison and Moore Global Japan Network Leader

Takashi Kawasaki

Audit – Japanese business overseas

Kazuhiro Yokoyama

Tax – Japanese business overseas


James Caldwell

International liaison,
audit and accounting services in Japan

Keisuke Nishioka

Audit and tax in Japan

United States

Jun Okubo

Japan Desk in Chicago, IL

Miho Ikeda

Japan Desk, Los Angeles, CA

Mark Tirpak

Japan Desk in GTN network for global mobility clients

Jun Tamahashi

Japan Desk, Los Angeles, CA


Jason Yu

Japan Desk in Sydney Australia


Noriko Fukushi 福士 典子

Japan Desk in Prague, Czech Republic

Sayaka Yamashita  山下 紗綾佳

Japan Desk in Prague, Czech Republic