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Webinar on demand: After the Pandemic - The Path Back to Prosperity

Webinar on demand: After the Pandemic - The Path Back to Prosperity

Moore Global

Rewatch the first Moore Intelligence virtual event on demand where we discussed how businesses can reset and look to grow again after the COVID lockdown.

Effects of the pandemic will linger but every economic disruption in history has also brought opportunities, more efficient ways of working and even completely new business models.

Register now to watch on demand and hear from our distinguished panel on the global economic prospects for the next 12 months and how different regions are overcoming the challenges of driving growth while being alert to the ongoing health threat.

Please register to watch on demand using the link here

Our Panel

Anton Colella
Moore Global Network
Gregory Perdon
Co-Chief Investment Officer,
Arbuthnot Latham & Co
Maureen Penfold
Managing Partner, Moore Kingston Smith
Tony Caleca
Managing Partner, Brown Smith Wallace
Chairman, Moore North America
Ruy Gomes
Managing Partner, Moore Belo Horizonte
Chairman, Moore Brazil
Mick Aw
Senior Advisor, Moore Singapore
Chairman, Moore Asia Pacific

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