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Carbon Capture and Storage - Energy Hurdles

Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage (CCS) is an evolving technology aiming to enable the continuing use of fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, crude oil) while mitigating the global warming potential of the carbon dioxide produced by fuel combustion.  

Key Issues for Junior Explorers (View Video)

Take a listen to Heather McGhie, Senior Manager, Audit & Assurance at DMCL as she shares her thoughts on the key issues in Canada that is facing the junior mining sector.  

A critical moment for minerals

Until the mid-2010s, the energy sector represented a small part of total demand for most minerals. However, as energy transitions gather pace, clean energy technologies are becoming the fastest-growing segment of demand.


ESG in EMR has come a long way from when it simply looked good in an annual report. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) should be top of mind in the Energy, Mining and Renewables (EMR) Sectors. Companies that ignore the rapidly evolving ESG reporting requirements risk falling behind, becoming uncompetitive or uninvestable. Sustainable practices are now a prerequisite for business, but the question is where to start.  

Sustainability and ESG (View Video)

Mark Stewart, head of energy infrastructure and sustainability at Johnson Carmichael is giving an update on sustainability and ESG, in the context of what he is seeing in the marketplace, the issues that their clients are experiencing and opportunities for them to provide ESG services to clients.

Tin mines to lithium - UK

The coastline of Cornwall remains scattered with the ruins of long abandoned tin mines. However, a new generation of mining companies are beginning to wake up to the quantum of deposits of another mineral within the Cornish landscape and coastal waters - lithium.

Australian Stock Market Update

It’s been a tough few months on the ASX with the All Ords falling 10% in June. The sell off was across the board and would certainly have been driven partly by tax loss selling into 30 June, especially considering how strong the market had run into December 2021. Having said that, high inflation, increasing interest rates and the possibility of austerity measures in the future would have been strong contributors to the sell off.

The mining industry in Latin America and its role in the global energy transition

The global demand for critical minerals is increasing significantly as a result of the need to transition energy use and supply to facilitate a low-carbon global economy.

Will Lithium run out of charge?

The last year has been a great year for anyone investing in Lithium, seeing the commodities prices explode over 300% to record highs with no signs of coming down any time soon, so what does this mean for the everyday consumer?


Currently we are facing high oil prices due to demand outstripping supply and the trouble in Ukraine accelerating the effect exponentially, with Brent crude futures at USD 120 / barrel. Gas prices in USA are heading towards USD 5 a gallon and globally transport prices, fuel and power prices rising, with Europe having to learn to live without Russian gas for the foreseeable future. The interesting part is one economy’s bane is another’s boon – or is it so simple?

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