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China Desk

China Desk

The continued growth of China has created exciting opportunities for professional services and Moore China Desk is there to help the network’s member firms connect with the right people to take advantage of them.
With foreign investment inflows of $10 billion a month there is huge demand for auditing, tax, corporate finance, company secretarial and consulting services, as well as other business lines. The Beijing government’s policy of reaching outwards through its Belt and Road initiative means there are also numerous opportunities in the many parts of the world where China is investing.
The China Desk is led by Leon Hou, our Shanghai-based Asia-Pacific regional director, and brings together Moore Da Hua with Chinese speakers in other firms across the network to centralise and promote collaboration at global level for business both in and out of China.
Moore firms will benefit from his in-depth knowledge of the market and his close links with Da Hua to help bridge the cultural differences that can lead to confusion and delay.
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Leon Hou

APAC Regional Director

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