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Philippe Craninx

Philippe Craninx

Managing Partner

Philippe Craninx is a Managing Partner at Moore Belgium and leads the Belgian corporate finance team.  Other responsibilities include the Global Board (Member), European Regional Council (Chair), Moore Global Corporate Finance (Chair) and Moore Belgium Group (Board Member and Member of the Partner Committee). 

Prior to establishing his own dedicated corporate finance boutique in 1998, Philippe had been a senior M&A advisor for more than a decade i.a. at Generale Bank (now BNP Paribas Fortis).   He started his career as an Internal Auditor and Management Accountant with Unilever, working in Belgium and abroad.  Philippe merged his firm with Moore Belgium in 2014 and actively contributed to building the firm ever since. 

Philippe is a seasoned M&A expert and has a strong commitment to Mid-market and family-owned businesses. His main focus is on sustainable long term growth aligning shareholder value and respect for all stakeholders. Philippe also serves as a Board Member to a few companies in this sweet spot.


  • Corporate finance
  • Financial services and wealth management


  • Professional Firms