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Organizations operating in the energy, mining and renewables industry sectors, must cope with depleting natural resources; commodity price risk; and supply and demand for their products as shaped by the global economy.

Clients in each of these sub-sectors work transnationally and welcome the proactive approach Moore network member firms provide in support of their global aspirations.

Understanding the complex issues this sector faces; the key industry drivers; technical operating processes; and the regulatory considerations that apply, are key when providing support to our clients as they navigate the global marketplace.

Sustainability is a key challenge facing this sector and one which the Moore Global EMR Sector Group is focused upon.


The Inconvenient Truth About Sustainability

Technology needed to meet 2050 emissions targets is not ready but there are five steps we could take now that would make a big difference.


“Every day we delay makes the task harder”

David Tomasi, Global Leader of Moore’s Energy, Mining and Renewables Group, says there is often too much talk and not enough action on reducing emissions.


Is LNG the answer to sustainable shipping?

Shipping would be the world’s sixth largest polluter if it was a country. Powering vessels with LNG could cut emissions by 30% but it is controversial.

Latest Moore Intelligence Bytes

Emerging Cyber Threats

Emerging Global Cyber Threats facing the energy, mining, and renewable industry sectors. Listen to the full conversation between David Tomasi Moore Global EMR Sector Leader and Benn Davis, Managing Director, Moore ClearComm.

Energy, Mining & Renewables Insights

Tax Aspects of Renewable Projects

The higher emission targets under the European Union’s (EU) Green Deal put great pressure on the economy, especially its energy- and resource-intensive industries. Companies face the challenge of setting themselves up as sustainable, future-proof and attractive investment projects.

Moore EMR News October 2020

Welcome to the latest edition of Moore EMR News. In this newsletter, we shine the spotlight on the new Moore China Desk initiative, profile a number of our sector specialists from around the globe, showcase some collaboration examples and offer some articles/perspectives on global issues currently facing the EMR sector.

Coffee with the CEO - Ghana Chamber of Mines

Mr. Sulemanu Koney shares his insights on the Ghanaian mining industry and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and also highlighted future projects which will maintain Ghana’s position as Africa’s top gold producer in 2020. Our moderator for the session was Olivier Barbeau, Managing Director at Moore Johannesburg.

What we can do for your Energy, Mining & Renewables business

  • Digital: Demystify digital and focus on practical, immediate steps that set you on a path to digital leadership
  • Results Delivery:  Focusing on results through predicting, measuring and managing the risks associated within the dynamic global business environment
  • Operations: Reimagine your operations—from supply chain to procurement—to unlock growth, reduce costs and unleash your strategy
  • Strategy in uncertain times: Providing an understandable analysis of future market trends, offering practical business solutions and supporting strategic decision making
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Improve your odds of successful M&A through an integrated, battle-tested approach that links acquisition strategycommercial diligence and merger integration
  • Sustainability: helping you to understand the inconvenient truth by providing guidance and solutions to assist with the transition to net-zero emission targets
  • Cyber Security:  As the global risk of cyber threats continues at a rapid pace, we reduce risk through consulting, services, and security product expertise

Key Contacts

David Tomasi

EMR Sector Leader
Moore Australia

Paul Callaghan

Moore Oman

Peter Gray

Moore Australia (WA)
Perth, Australia

Matthew Meadows

Moore Kingston Smith
London, United Kingdom

Matt Banton

Moore Kingston Smith
London, United Kingdom

Olivier Barbeau

Managing Partner
Moore Johannesburg Inc

Justin Varnon

Armanino LLP

Samuel Tenorio

Moore Colombia

The Inconvenient Truth About Sustainability

EMR Summit Series taking the Transition conversation forward