Mag. Wilfried Stauder


Mag. Wilfried Stauder
Wilfried Stauder is a partner and managing director of Stauder Schuchter Kempf auditing and tax consulting GmbH.

Mr Stauder is a chartered accountant and tax consultant for major clients and is responsible for our business banking and industrial companies. His experience is based on his years in the banking sector, especially in the field of investment management and special financing.

His main areas of focus are:

Support for large clients
Care in the Mergers and Acquisitions
Development of tax optimization measures, including using a range of financing alternatives
Acquisitions at the national and international level
Advising banks and leasing companies
His areas of expertise include further areas of business valuation and consulting in the areas of investment and financing, and corporate planning.

In addition

Lecturer at the Management Center Innsbruck, area college
Member of the Faculty Senate for tax law of the Chamber of Public Accountants
Member of the Faculty Senate for commercial law and revision of the Chamber of Public Accountants


  • Business consultancy
  • Corporate finance
  • Taxation - business


  • Banking, finance and related support services