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Shipping industry called to account on green credentials

Pressure is growing on shipping companies to accelerate efforts to become cleaner and greener, with tougher decarbonisation targets announced recently. For an industry responsible for almost 3% of the world’s carbon emissions, it’s a tough ask.


We’re delighted to today announce five of our sector leaders have been appointed Global Leaders for the network.

Latest Developments on Libor Discontinuation

Most recent update on the discontinuation of Libor and how it relates to the maritime industry

Moore Maritime Index - Shipping trends based on the fleet size

The Moore Maritime Index (MMI) report on “Shipping Trends based on Fleet Size” focuses on studying the possible trends and correlations between “fleet size” and other shipping factors, such as operating expenses, net income, vessel age and capacity. For the purposes of this report, fleet size is defined as the total number of vessels managed by a single management company.

The impact on charter-party clauses and other operational implications

Guidance for shipping companies on the most significant charter-party clauses that may be affected by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the potential implications that could adversely affect ship-owners.

Coronavirus – the shipping story so far

Moore Maritime is monitoring the Coronavirus very closely and maintaining a constant dialogue between offices to evaluate events as they unfold. 

Derivatives in Shipping and IFRS 9 financial accounting and reporting treatment

Our Global Leaders in Maritime detail how the introduction of IFRS 9 will impact derivatives within the shipping industry

Environmental Sustainability in the Shipping Industry

The concerns over the impact of the shipping industry on the environment have intensified the last few years with a number of initiatives being undertaken by various stakeholders. Our Global Maritime Leaders outline the new Poseidon Priciples and what it means for the industry.

Moore Maritime operating expenses tool launched

Moore has launched its Moore Maritime Index tool, enabling shipowners and advisers to analyse operating costs and revenues against a large global sample of vessels. 

Libor discontinuation and its impact on shipping

Libor is widely used as a benchmark rate in the shipping finance industry.  The discontinuation will affect ship financing loan agreements, floating rate notes (“FRNs”), leasing arrangements and derivatives among others. Our shipping experts share their thoughts on how this will impact the industry.  

Sale and leaseback transactions and IFRS 16 implications

The turmoil in the shipping and financial markets since 2008 has resulted in a significant decrease in funds available for borrowing and has led shipping companies to seek alternative methods of financing for the acquisition of vessels such as the sale and leaseback option. With the adoption of IFRS 16 from 1 January 2019, Panos Drakoulakos details how this will impact sale and lease backs as an alternative financing method.