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Energy, mining and natural resources


We’re delighted to today announce five of our sector leaders have been appointed Global Leaders for the network.

Tax Aspects of Renewable Projects

The higher emission targets under the European Union’s (EU) Green Deal put great pressure on the economy, especially its energy- and resource-intensive industries. Companies face the challenge of setting themselves up as sustainable, future-proof and attractive investment projects.

Times of Chaos - an opportunity for mining companies to raise finance?

While the coronavirus pandemic has created a number of challenges for mining companies it could also present rare financing opportunities that will become available as supply and demand stabilises and the global economy begins to recover.

The mobility revolution

The positives and negatives of battery power

Sparking the EV revolution: key issues for mass adoption of electric vehicles

The key challenges that the electronic vehicles market is facing in 2020 and beyond.

5 Emerging Trends in Energy, Mining & Renewables

With increased emphasis on corporate social responsibility and digitalisation in business, companies within the Energy, Mining and Renewables industries are expected to be acutely aware of these trends that are impacting their industry. Our global leaders from within these industries have outlined the 5 emerging trends they expect to see over the next 12 months and through to 2021.  

Big data and big oil

Few industries need and produce richer, greater volumes of data than oil and gas: terabytes of the stuff from the geological exploration and appraisal process; the complex modelling and measurement applied to daily onshore and offshore active operations;  the electronic brains behind the delivery of cargoes, coordinating the thousands of tankers and pipelines taking the raw product from field to refinery; and then, of course, the digital monitoring and sensors needed to support the refining and processing of the crude and gas into petroleum and LNG.

Digital Transformation within the mining industry

Global mining leader, David Tomasi, outlines how digital transformation is changing the mining industry.