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ESG is no longer a fringe issue – signals of hope at COP27

COP27 Sharm el-Sheikh
One year ago, I arrived in Glasgow to join the largest global climate conference in history. Over 40,000 delegates from two hundred nations came together to advance climate action and the broader United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at COP26. As this year’s conference continues, I want to share an insider perspective and my optimism for progress.


Bottom line benefits of adopting ESG practices

Companies that have embraced the ESG (environmental, social and governance) agenda in recent years have enjoyed a significant boost to the bottom line as well as wider strategic benefits, according to new research by Moore Global.

Moore Global looks to the future, appointing new sector leads

Moore Global, one of the world’s leading accountancy and advisory networks, has appointed three new global leaders to focus on growth areas for the organisation.  For the first time, a global lead for Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) has been appointed, signalling the firm’s strong commitment to these areas, and the growing importance that global financial communities are placing on broader business practices.