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The Moore Maritime group has been associated with the shipping industry for over 70 years. We are in a unique position to provide a comprehensive and confidential range of specialist business development and traditional support services to the industry.

In our long association with the shipping industry, we have accumulated an unparalleled depth of knowledge and breadth of worldwide experience.  We also provide client connections through our member firms in all of the principal shipping hub across the globe such that we are able to provide a truly international service to clients.

Clients range from single vessel owners to large multinational corporations, and include not only ship owners but brokersship managersport operators and logistics businesses, with offices from New York to Tokyo, and Hamburg to Durban. However, the key to the success of Moore Maritime is our people.  Many of our dedicated experts in our main offices have been working with each other for more than 30 years.  This level of understanding between member firms of a professional services network is unparalleled, and demonstrates a level of commitment to each other leading to an unrivalled support for clients of the Moore Maritime group.

Moore Maritime Insights

Moore Maritime Index - MMI

Gain access to exclusive content and thoughtful insights in relation to the shipping industry! Prepared by Moore Maritime.

Moore Maritime Brochure - Helping You Thrive in the Maritime Sector

An overview of the breadth and depth of services offered by Moore Maritime highlighting the confidence and trust placed in us by our clients

Sustainable Greek Shipping: The Commercial and Financial Aspects

Costas Konstantinou presents the results of the discussion on "Sustainable Greek Shipping: The Commercial and Financial Aspects" By Moore Greece

What we can do for your Maritime business

  • Improve operations: Moore is able to unlock growth, reduce costs and unleash your strategy across the Whether you need to assess cost savings opportunities, reset your budgets or benchmark your  costings, Moore can help you across the globe.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Moore has the capability to successful progress  your business through the M&A process using our consistent approach that links acquisition strategy, due diligence , valuations and merger integration.
  • Exit planning: we will ensure you are well prepared for any transaction and maximize the proceeds from the value you have created within your business
  • Cyber Security: Moore  global team are able to  provide cybersecurity consulting, cloud and managed security services

Key Contacts

Costas Constantinou

Sector Leader
Moore Piraeus, Greece

John Stanford

Regional Executive Director
Moore Global Network Limited

Otwin van Drunen

Audit Partner
Moore DRV, Netherlands

Chris Johnson

Senior Partner
Moore Stephens LLP, Singapore

Michael Halkias

MSPC Certified Public Accountants and Advisors, P.C, USA

Moore Maritime Events

The Singapore Shipping Forum 2021