TAT Audit Srl

Messina, Italy

Founded in 1999 by a team of expert tax advisors and auditors and was originally called Analisi Aziendali. All the members of Moore Stephens Sicily are skilled consultants with several years experience in the audit and account management fields. In the last few years our society has developed greater expertise as a result of its activities as trustee company for the European Community with regards to the countries that took advantage of the European funding programs.

Our society is an independent member of Moore Stephens International, a global accountancy and advisory network, and an official partner of Moore Stephens Italy. Our audit and account management activities are authorized under Law N. 1966 of 23rd November 1939 and Royal Decree N. 531 of 22nd April 1940. Under its new name Moore Stephens Sicilia - Analisi Aziendali srl, our society is also a member of the Italian Association of Auditors, number 114800.