Moore Stephens Global Link Ltd

Shanghai, China

Non Accounting Business assisting foreign companies in their business development in P.R. China: partner seeking, suppliers development, distribution chains, quality control, Export-Import Solutions.

Moore Stephens Global Link (MSGL) provides a full range of consulting services for international companies interested in exploring the vast potential of the Chinese Market; and likewise for Chinese companies interested in stepping into the international turf.

MSGL focuses in providing personalized services for the foreign client in the accomplishment of sourcing, manufacturing and selling in the People's Republic of China.

Our team is composed of dedicated, highly trained and experienced professionals, with the expertise to achieve our goals in delivering an optimum service to our clients. Our local and international personnel, located in Shanghai and overseas, allow us to efficiently and swiftly communicate with our clients: Chinese and foreign companies.

The main services rendered by MSGL are the following:
Purchase Development for Foreign Companies
We provide a full purchase development service, which includes:
Review and analyze clients sourcing needs.
Selection of reliable and trustworthy suppliers and manufactures in China.
Suppliers audit in order to ensure that they have the proper infrastructure and quality certificates to cover the client´s purchase order.
Preparation of contracts with suppliers.
Secure competitive prices and products.
Supervise production process.
Perform-pre delivery quality controls.
Assist in export logistics coordination.
Offer different financing solutions for clients to achieve their goals.
Selling products in the Chinese Market
Market Research.
Sales Promotion.
Entrance strategy.
Organize professional business trips.
Services for Chinese companies in the International Market
Identifying opportunities abroad.
Arrange the viability of projects with suitable financing scheme.
Organize professional business trips.
Other services in P.R. of China
Partner Seeking: We assist clients in identifying potential strategic partners for their ventures in China and provide support during the negotiation and management process.
Helping governments from cities of foreign countries to set up brotherhood agreements with Chinese cities.

Since our long time presence in China we have achieved a great deal of experience in each one of the topics mentioned above.
At MSGL we strive to deliver the highest quality customer service, committing ourselves to our Client´s objectives.