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Moore Tomosoiu LLP

Bucharest, Romania

Moore Tomosoiu LLP is a limited liability legal partnership that was founded in 2005 and renders legal services in Romania under the Moore brand. The young and dynamic team delivers performant and highly competitive legal services to all clients, from individuals to major companies. Our main goal is to provide legal services of the highest standards through innovative legal solutions.

We believe that the key element in providing valuable legal advice rests in being genuinely interested in understanding our clients, their demands, their expectations, as well as the peculiarities of each situation.

Corporate and Commercial
Mergers and Acquisitions
Real Estate
Intellectual Property
Dispute resolution

Mergers & Acquisitions
Ensuring the approval of the merger plan and transferring the patrimony from the absorbed company in major food-manufacturing players merger and real estate multiple absorption.
Legal Due Diligence
Acting on behalf of the buyer, the Target being a big sized taxpayer, active in manufacture of basic metals
Various due diligence missions for various fields of industry companies.
Social audit for the largest retail chain operating in Romania
Assessment and improving the program activities and overall performance as well as measurement of non-financial activities and monitoring both internal and external consequences of the social operations.