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Moore Australia issues guide for foreign investors to Australia

Moore Australia issues guide for foreign investors to Australia

Moore Australia

Moore Australia has issued a guide to support foreign investors looking to do business in Australia.
Having fared exceptionally well during COVID, Australia’s economy is strong and growing. Additionally, the World Banking Group has hailed the country as a top destination for ease of doing business, making it a desirable market for companies and individuals looking for new opportunities.
To help investors get started, Moore Australia has developed a new guide, ‘Doing Business In Australia’, introducing some of the key regulatory requirements of operating a commercial enterprise in the country. The guide covers topics such as business structures, reporting requirements, tax requirements and migration.
Australia welcomes and encourages foreign investment and has a strong commitment to business development. Foreign investment is widely recognised to foster higher economic activity levels and employment, bringing access to new technology and skills, and introduces new markets for trade and commerce.
David Tomasi, Chairman of Moore Australia, commented, “Australia’s economy has done exceptionally well during COVID and is one of few economies showing growth. Our infrastructure fosters innovation from within and invites it from outside our country’s borders. Whilst the world recovers from the last year, Australia is ready to go.”
Wen-Shien Chai, Partner at Moore Australia and Chairman of Moore Australia’s Asia Committee, commented: “Australia is uniquely positioned as a hub in the APAC region, geographically and economically. We offer many opportunities in mining, agriculture and R&D, and the clarity of our legal and regulatory system provides a sound foundation for foreign investment.”

The guide ‘Doing Business in Australia' is available to download here for free in English, with a Mandarin Chinese version to come in June 2021.

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