Moore Maritime Index - Shipping trends based on the fleet size

The Moore Maritime Index (MMI) report on “Shipping Trends based on Fleet Size” focuses on studying the possible trends and correlations between “fleet size” and other shipping factors, such as operating expenses, net income, vessel age and capacity. For the purposes of this report, fleet size is defined as the total number of vessels managed by a single management company.

Collected data comes from more than 150 management companies which manage more than 1,500 vessels globally. Data is grouped under four categories based on fleet size under management:
1-5 vessels, 6-10 vessels, 11-20 vessels, more than 20 vessels.

The study concentrates on the dry cargo and tanker shipping sectors aiming at identifying possible relationships between fleet size and vessel operational performance. The analysis is based on 2018 data.

Download the full report here.