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A global hotel market snapshot of ESG trends with Radisson Hotels (View Video)

Moore Global is pleased to continue the 2022 Hotel & Leisure Global Summit Series with “A global hotel market snapshot of ESG trends with Radisson Hotels” featuring Márton Takács, Jennifer Hogencamp, David Jenkins and Alexa-Rae Hicks. With insights from Moore Global’s highly respected industry leaders, this Hotel & Leisure sector summit will delve into issues and opportunities including ESG.

LATAM - The Role of Women in Real Estate and ESG Opportunities

Not too long-ago real estate embodied the epitome of capitalism, with the sector being predominantly dominated by one gender, men. Today real estate is being globally reshaped and rethought through applying of ESG standards. Who is leading this trend? Women. ESG or ‘responsible investing’ was previously considered a marginal or “finance backwater” position across all sectors. With time, this has had a conversely positive impact on female leadership in venture capital, hedge funds and real estate - the previously ‘unfashionable’ ESG tasks and jobs have now created indispensable leading experts in the field, of whom the vast majority are women.

What real estate investors expect from ESG? (View Video)

As we all know, the world has been through some uncertain times. Including global recessions, the Covid-19 outbreak and, more recently, high inflation rates. This has accelerated the evolution of the way we now live. Fewer people now travel into offices to work and are mostly working from home, or at least in a hybrid way. This has impacted the residential buying market. More people are now wanting larger, three or four bedroom homes with space for a home office, compared to previously wanting one or two bedroom flats.  

The future of UK residential property: are we at a tipping point?

Guy Richardson, Partner, Moore Kingston Smith (UK) speaks on the housing crisis UK has been in the midst of. He delves into the many reasons why there is a huge swing away from home ownership in the UK. The long held aspirational norm of buying your own home instead of renting for life is coming to an end. Read more on why Guy believes we are at a cultural tipping point.

ESG and Repurposing October 2022 (View Audio)

William Dorsa and Nancy Cox introduce topics of repurposing real estate and the impact it has on specific assets. The Covid 19 pandemic experienced since 2020 has been recognized as a catalyst in the acceleration of the changes we have experienced across the real estate and construction sectors globally. These changes include the shift to hybrid working, technology uptake for online retail and the use of more sustainable models in the design & construction phases of the economic lifecycle of commercial buildings. We will be lauching the ESG and Repurposing Summit Series after the 20th October. 

Africa - The Role of Women in Real Estate

Tsitsi is a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and a Registered Public Accountant and Auditor. She is an active member in the African Women Leaders Network (AWLN), the Organisation for Women in International Trade (OWIT), the Zimbabwe Accounting Practices Board (ZAPB)/ Public Accountants and Auditors Board (PAAB) technical committees and currently serves as Vice Chair for the Committee for Audit Standards (CFAS). She has served on various other boards in Zimbabwe, namely ACCA Executive Panel and Secretary General for the Global Business Roundtable Zimbabwe chapters.

Real Estate Development In Egypt In The Eyes Of Developers (View Audio)

In this newsletter edition we’ve talked to two prominent real estate developers in Egypt; Mr. Mohamed Sultan the CEO and founder of Investmentors which was founded his very successful career leading a publicly listed high end residential, administrative, and commercial development company ‘Palm Hills’ and Mr. Mohamed Abou-Huissen and 2nd Gen CEO of 35 year old property development company ‘Al Karma Deveplment’ which specialize in developing residential properties and expanded into administrative and commercial properties surrounding their residential developments.

Australia - The Role of Women in Real Estate (View Video)

Women across Australia will now have access to vital information that can open pathways to careers in construction thanks to a smartphone application recently launched by Awesome Women in Construction (AWIC). For the past year, not-for-profit organisation AWIC worked closely with technology students from the Queensland University of Technology to create an application aimed at helping school-leavers and young women to find their path into the construction industry.

Emerging Trends in Real Estate

Ahead of the COVID Pandemic, the Construction Industry, which has been one of the hardest hit industries, has been steadily making growth, ahead of the forecasted projections. The industry has had phenomenal growth, most notably in America, Japan, China, Russia, France and Mexico, being seen as the industry leaders. This is not to say the industry has not faced its fair share of problems.

The evolution of office real estate in the UK

Ian Matthews, Partner, Moore Kingston Smith (UK) provides an overview on how office real estate has evolved following the pandemic and the purpose of offices have changed. We have seen many businesses review their property portfolio as more people are now working with hybrid flexibility. While there is still demand for prime office space, there is also a lot of vacant real estate as well. Listen in on Ian’s audiocast to learn more about VAT conversions, development type and how to get the right advice and paperwork in order.

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