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Moore Donor Funded Services - MENA Region

Over the past years, Moore MENA member firms have been actively working through a revitalised approach to assist the international funding institutions in their development and future success. We are moving the focus from purely focusing on audit to other service offerings that are being prioritised by the donor agencies and international funding institutions.

Our aim is to contribute to achieving an effective public sector that offers services matching donors’ expectations and needs. In order to achieve this goal, we created a Donor Funded Services (DFS) collaboration Group hub to build a strong relation between all Moore global member firms.

The DFS steering committee includes Mr. Aziz Tabbal, Mr. Edgard Perez, Mr. Joy Bhatt, Mr. Mohamed Alqubati, Mr. Sanzar Kakar, Mr. Weldon Mutai and Mr. David Carew with Jeff Blackbeard and Leonie Du Raan in support from Moore Global.
The focus of DFS Collaboration Group’s strategy is to build the profiles and credentials as well as proposing for framework agreements where each member’s experience will be very valuable. In addition, the Steering Group with support from Mrs Joelle El Rayess (Beirut) is working to standardize the proposal templates, cv’s, credentials newsletter articles and global pricing models. With the Support of member firms, the Steering Group will be expanding the Training and Quality Management processes.

Finally, the DFS collaboration group will provide innovative solutions tailored to the public sector, by combining our deep understanding of the sector and its donors with specialised technical processes and analytical skills. Moore contributes to both improved management and control, as well as to organizational and service development, quality enhancement, and efficiency improvements.

At the heart of our services, the international funding institutions will always find support. This provides them with confidence that our proposed solutions will be the best possible starting point as an enabler of change.